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Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

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Here at Colonial Toyota, we know that keeping track of the different indicators can be overwhelming, so we've created a guide to your dashboard warning lights. Use it to find out whether you need to schedule your next service with Colonial Toyota or just take a trip to the gas station to fill up!

Indicates a malfunction in either the ABS or the Brake Assist system.

Indicates a malfunction in the vehicle's charging system.

Indicates that your vehicle needs to be checked out by a service technician, the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT can indicate anything from a missing gas cap to a more serious engine problem.

Indicates that cruise control is activated.

Indicates that the engine oil pressure is too low.

Indicates a malfunction in the EPS system.

Indicates low fuel level, amount remaining depends on your vehicle; consult your Owner's Manual for more details.

Indicates that the headlights, side marker, parking, tail, license plate, and instrument panel lights have been switched on. 
Indicates that the high-beam headlights have been switched on.

Indicates that maintenance is required, according to the driven distance on the maintenance schedule.
Light flashes after vehicle is completely shut off, to indicate that the system is operating. Light stops flashing when the vehicle is turned on.
Light flashes if the vehicle is in danger of slipping, or if any of the drive wheels spin, to indicate that the VSC/TRAC systems are operating.

Indicates whether or not the front passenger airbag is turned ON or OFF, depending on the conditions of the front passenger seat.

Indicates a malfunction in the SRS airbag system, the front passenger occupant classification system, or the seatbelt pretensioner system.

Indicates low tire inflation pressure.

Indicates that the TRAC system is disabled, to reduce power from the engine to the wheels.

Indicates that the left or right turn signal has been activated.

Indicates that the VSC system is disabled, to reduce power from the engine to the wheels (controlled by the TRAC switch).

Indicates a low level of windshield washer fluid.
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